Our network

With 70 sites in France, 8 agencies in Germany, dynamic partnerships resulting from the creation of European and international networks, Heppner’s unique organization allows it to compete against even the largest groups.

A dense network in France to get even closer to you

Heppner is a network of 42 distribution agencies spread out over all of France. Thanks to our nationwide presence, we can work in close proximity to our clients and their consignees to provide dependable and secure transport of any type of merchandise and propose the solution best adapted to your needs.

An unparalleled network in Europe and a great alternative to large groups

The System Alliance Europe network is comprised of 57 partners in 32 European countries. With 1,723 lines in operation throughout Europe, the network is not only one of the most tightly knit in Europe, it is also the most homogeneous and coherent: common quality standards, shared procedures and tools guaranteeing a seamless performance of the network, no “weak link”. Each territory is covered by a leading local operator. Heppner is also founder of SystemPlus, an integrated network providing optimal coverage in 22 European countries.